One day in Denver

Anxiety does not discriminate by color, age, or gender. We are all affected by anxiety and it is not something to be ashamed of. It’s real and debilitating.

Anxiety is REAL. Let's Talk About It!

Listen. Participate. Connect. Know.

Listen to others as they share their stories of living a full and complete life despite suffering from anxiety in their personal lives. Meet people and attend programs  that provide encouragement and support. Come alone and leave connected. Come together and leave connected to a bigger community.

Gain momentum together.

5 Speakers

Share Everything

• Struggles with anxiety
• Achievements in spite of anxiety
• Tips & tools on how to create momentum in your life

Hear them tribute their success to breaking through the stigma, negative thoughts, old habits, and coping mechanisms of anxiety.

The Event Takeaways

Leave Connected. You Are Not Alone.

What You Will Learn: 

You will learn by listening to our speakers’ stories that sharing your story is SO important in understanding who you are through your story. You will begin to understand the causes of your stress and anxiety.

What You Will Gain: 

After listening to our speakers you will gain the perspective of yourself when dealing with stress: how do you express it, how do you process it and how will you tell your story?

Everyone has a story; your stories may be the result of stress in your life that has caused you to become anxious. Our hope is that you will begin to understand yourself so your stories become more about you and less about the “stress” in your life.

What You Will Leave With: 

You will leave with the insight to ask yourself and/or your loved one “What stresses in your life have been self-created?”

You will leave understanding that stories of anxiety are relevant to all our lives and how to embrace stresses so they work for you rather than you working for them.

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